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Avant Garde Rules: In Praise of Experimental TTRPGs

These days I find myself in circles that focus on mastering the art of the elf-game. Games about adventurers going on adventures, resolved through rolling and talking. How many miles in a hex? How should one to manage torches in the dungeon? Here's 2d6 monstrous snails. I love it! I do it a lot myself! But it's only one corner of what tabletop games can be. When I tweeted out that " I've still yet to see someone bring up a "That's a board game not a TTRPG" argument in a way that feels productive or interesting besides to try to create a specific set of tastes that is "correct" for the RPG " I wasn't expecting to get the kind of mass positive reception it did. All too often it seems people want to make the rules of a game more about components and how you'd market it, rather than just having fun with a medium defined by rules that can be broken. Why define what is an RPG, when we can redefine what can be an RPG? What trails can be

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