INHERITORS - Hacking My Friend's Game

This is going to be (kind of) a short one, but I wanted to share something I've been chipping away at recently. Friend of the blog (and housemate) Duff once ran a very cool little Mad Max inspired game Hell's Highway for me (twice actually) and recently I decided it'd be a good idea to mash that up with my hyper fixation on my current game of the year Stellar Blade. So here we are... The first making of post for Inheritors.

Duff's got a talent for Ruleslite games with just enough crunch, but with this I wanted to give it a lot of my own flair ((while still preserving the stellar and simple vehicle combat)). Specifically adapting a sense of "stylish action" combo-esc combat onto a rules-liter NSR framework that he'd built. Thus Flow was born, a way that you can pre-roll Dice at the start of the round and choose to spend them on offense, defense or a variety of other effects!

My challenge to myself was to distill all the rules ((including numerous changes I'd made, like adding Flow, writing new classes, labels, tightening action economy, making Defense rolls weapon based, etc)) down into just one page to keep things simple... Well 2 Pages printed double sided... And folded to make 4 pages... But still... Here those are:

((Yes that's me re-using my WILD Hit Chart Table cause I love using it...)) This is also paired with some sheets I've made for both the Inheritors and their rides:

The goal with the half-sheet size is to essentially let every player have their own Quick-Start Guide that they can tuck their Character Sheet into along with their Ride and any other notes.

I've got a Google Doc full of tons of other jobs, heritages, systems, upgrades, ignitions, progression etc, but I feel really happy with this minimum viable product! What do you think so far? I know it's a bit bare bones, but my hope is this'll give me a good platform to get playtesting with before I start building out content this summer...


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